Historical Sites

The tombs of Vergina & the School of Aristotle

The School of Aristotle

The Peripatetic School of Aristotle is situated just 3 km from Naousa, in Mieza. Two of the most important figures of Ancient Greece, Alexander the Great and Aristotle, met at this spot. Here, the philosopher Aristotle taught the brilliance of the Hellenic classical thinking and the ideals of the Platonic philosophy to the young Alexander. There is a modern information center in the area, as well as a small section of the ancient peripatetic routes.


Just outside the city of Veria and approximately 30 km from Naousa, you may find the royal tombs of Vergina. In 1977, the archaeologist Andronikos discovered the royal Macedonian tombs as well as the tomb of King Philip II of Macedon. It is a World Heritage Site (UNESCO) of unsurpassed beauty that is worth visiting.

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