Naousa & Surrounding Areas

Exploring Central Macedonia


The heroic city of Naousa is 20 minutes away from Sfendamos Wooden Village. Its amphitheatric spot reveals a panorama of the Macedonian peach tree plains and its corners will take you to the old Greek life. Huge plane trees, oaks, springs and lakes forming around the historical river of Arapitsa, an artificial lake with ducks and trout, sports fields, playgrounds and the untouched nature form one of the city’s most veritable sights, the Agios Nikolaos grove. The famous park with its springs and perennial plane trees is for ever carved in the memories of its visitors. In the park, you may find small hiking routes as well as restaurants serving trout. In addition, in the city center of Naousa you will find traditional restaurants serving the original local cuisine and modern bars and cafés.

Surrounding Areas

Sfendamos Wood Village is an excellent starting point for discovering the surrounding areas in a radius of just a few kilometers.

Veria 36 km.
Vergina 48 km.
Edessa 29.2 km.
Kaimaktsalan Ski Resort 58.8 km
Florina 86.2 km.
Arktouros Environmental Center 40 km
Thessaloniki 108 km.
Halkidiki 188 km.
Olympus 131 km.
Katerini 111 km.

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