Main Chalet

In the central chalet you will find a beautifully landscaped space that will cover all your wishes. The large stone fireplace and the alpine environment will help you enjoy gourmet and wine-tasting delights, as the Sfendamos wood village features homemade traditional cuisine and a cafe-bar where the aroma of the freshly cut cafe and hot goulash wine will travel you and relax you.

At your disposal are the comfortable lobbies of the hotel around the fireplace where you can enjoy your cafe or drink surfing the internet (wi-fi), playing board games and everything else you can imagine.

The flavors of Maria's traditional dishes combined with Naoussa whiskeys will give you a special character while staying at Sfendamos Wood Village.

At the loft of the central chalet there is a lovely dining room where you can have your breakfast from the buffet full of traditional local produce.

In our chalet we offer:

Local cuisine (Traditional handmade flavors)

Coffee / Drink

Internet (Wi-Fi)